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FREE DELIVERY of Workbench is good up to 50 miles from Rancho Cucamonga 91701 CA.

To calculate possible delivery charges, MapQuest a one-way trip from Rancho Cucamonga 91701 CA. to your Delivery Address. If a one-way trip is over 50 miles you will be charged a delivery fee. At mile 51 there is a $20 fee plus $0.50 per mile starting at mile 52. Charges are calculated based on a one-way trip.


-Standard Sizes / Prices-

10ft wide x 30" deep x 38" tall

Bottom Shelf 8ft x 27" deep

Price = $399


8ft wide x 30" deep x 38" tall

Bottom Shelf 6ft x 27" deep

Price = $379


6ft wide x 30" deep x 38" tall

Bottom Shelf 4ft x 27" deep

Price = $349


4ft wide x 30" deep x 38" tall

Bottom Shelf 2ft x 27" deep

Price = $299


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Customize Your Workbench

If you need your Workbench to be mobile, the addition of these 5" Locking Swivel Casters with a combined weight rating of 1400 lbs. is the perfect solution.

Workbench Sizes
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-MDF 1/2" Thick Table Topper (Smooth Surface)- 

Add MDF to your Workbench/Tabletop (Pricing is based on Workbench Size)

When you need to have power, an outlet or two can be the cherry on top that makes your Workbench just right.

If you need a Smooth Work Surface, MDF is a great solution. ‚Äč

Beveling will give your Workbench a finishing touch that really looks GREAT.

If you want to make sure your beverage of choice does not spill on your tools, work, materials, etc.

This Beverage Holder is a smart choice.

The 5" shelf is a great place to keep small nuts, bolts, pencils, etc. out of your work space.

If you need an EXTREME Workbench for SUPER HEAVY DUTY Work.  The 4x4 Legs and added Construction / Support / Framing will get the job done every time.  

If you would like more storage surface area and the clean look of cabinet doors, this is your answer.

The 2nd Shelf will double your storage surface area and the Cabinet Doors conceal your storage area.

Workbench Sizes
Workbench Sizes

Having a place to keep all those things that clutter your workspace is easily accomplished with some drawers.

-4x4 Legs- 

Add 4x4 Legs to any Workbench = $75

-Casters / Wheels-

Add 5" Locking Swivel Casters to any Workbench = $120

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Custom Price Adjustments
Workbench Sizes


Add (2.5" tall x any wide x any deep) drawers to any Workbench = $95 each


Add Beveling (1/2 Round over) to any Workbench tabletop (price based on Workbench Size)

-Electrical Outlets-

Add 125v 15amp Outlets to any Workbench = $60

(Outlets are powered by an 8' Extension Cord (Included))

(Outlets can be mounted to workbench anywhere you want (Included))

-Beverage Holder-

Add a 2 Beverage Holder to any Workbench = $15

-Water Resistant High Gloss Painted Tabletop-

Add a Durable Water Resistant Glass like finish to your tabletop.

(Price based on workbench size)

- 2nd Shelf and 2 Cabinet Doors -

Add a 2nd Shelf and 2 Cabinet Doors to your Workbench (price is based on Workbench size)

-Pegboard backing with small Shelf-

Add 2ft tall Pegboard backer with 5" deep shelf to your Workbench(price is based on Workbench size)

(Note: taller pegboard backer and deeper or multiple shelves are also available please call for pricing 909-921-7333)




We can Custom make your Workbench ANY Size or Shape.


or visit our Customize page for Customizations available here on the website.